Mary A. Bartlett

Senior Consultant

Mary Borg-Bartlett is the Co-founder and President of SafeLink Consulting Inc. Since 1991, Mary has actively participated as a presenter and on-site instructor to audiences of dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants, and dental laboratory technicians throughout the US. Prior to founding Safelink, Mary held senior level management positions in mortgage banking, banking, and the family entertainment business. Her positions included responsibility for Facilities Management, Human Resources, Risk Management, Crisis and Disaster Recovery, and Health and Safety.

Mary is President and Senior Compliance Advisor for SafeLink Consulting, Inc. She has been providing risk management consulting to SafeLink Consulting’s clients since 1991. Her passion for helping business owners provide a safe workplace and a quality product are evidenced by her enthusiasm for these subjects as a presenter and consultant. In addition to consulting, Mary has contributed to, quoted, and authored numerous educational materials in national publications. Mary takes pride in providing accurate and the most up-to-date information to her clients and co-workers. Her clients have benefited from her knowledge and experience in dealing with both OSHA and FDA inspectors. Mary has been recognized nationally for her dedication and contributions to worker safety and quality assurance. She is an Authorized Trainer under OSHA’s Outreach Program.


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